Outdoor poster 99inches by 47inches

Here's a magazine article about the GT Beetle

Window Streamer measures 188inches by 15 3/4inches

Indoor / Outdoor poster 33inches by 47inches

The following photos are VW promotional material sent to dealers


Heres an interesting article about the GT

The GT beetle had its own brochure


Picture Left

On later brochures VW dealers had to stamp them with an error. As people thought they came with reversing lights, but they didn't.

Picture Right

Original newspaper advert

In 1971 VW created a new model upgrade, the Super Vee and Formula Vee. The following images are literature from the 1970's

These opitional upgrades included


Wolfburg Crest gear stick

Rear stone guides

Halogen fog and Spot lights

Tunnel Tray

Different wheels

Leather rimmed Steering wheel

Side stripes


Original invoice for a GT beetle, £996.50. Look at the extras - £3 for a full tank of fuel and £10 to fit seat belts

Far Right

The Stiftung AutoMuseum lets you buy the birth Certificate for your chosen beetle and should confirm if the engine is original and that it is a GT.